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Whiskers n' WoofsWe believe in a safe n’ happy world where pets get their way everyday! This means enabling your pet to live life to its fullest even while you’re away. With Whiskers n’ Woofs Professional Pet Services, your furry family members will keep their established schedule, in the comfort of their own home, and stay away from spending multiple hours a day in a kennel cage.

We believe pets need regular, loving human contact, play and exercise in order to be happy n’ healthy while their owners are away; so we have designed a range of services to meet the varied needs of your furry/feathered/scaled family members! We believe pets should be cared for in an environment where they are the most comfortable and stress-free, with regular one-on-one care. To achieve this, we provide Professional In YOUR Home Pet Sitting & Dog Walking, Paw-jama Parties (Overnight Care), and much more.

In YOUR Home Custom Care, means we provide these services where your pets will be free of the physical and emotional stress of a kennel, boarding/daycare facility or a “dog resort”, while maintaining their normal routine in their own environment. Our rates are NOT based on number of pets, but rather time spent to provide the best possible care. We are happy to care for your dogs, cats, birds, lizards, chickens, goats, sheep, and horses too.

Coming Soon – Customer Referral Bonus

We are working to provide a bonus to anyone who refers a new customer to Whiskers n’ Woofs. Bonuses will be in the form of cash, service credit, or donation to an animal related charity. We are working on the details and will kick off the program soon! We are keeping track of referrals now and will make the program retroactive to all referrals since Jan 1, 2016

Whiskers n’ Woofs, your go to source for Professional In YOUR Home Pet Sitting and Dog Walking in Liberty Hill n’ Leander TX and surrounding areas!

Professional In YOUR Home Pet Sitting & Dog Walking